Mesa Mile - Still Completing Construction

Construction activity continues on the nearly-complete Mesa Road.  During the week of November 8, expect to see additional lane and cross walk striping, restoration of road shoulders disturbed by construction, and installation of traffic control signs.

Traffic Safety Improvements: Traffic engineers studied the road and parking lot entry, and recommended changes to the intersection of the parking lot entrance and front driveway to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers.  We will install a 3 way stop intersection at the top of the hill, cross walks, and a larger sign directing visitors and staff to parking and drop off areas. Photos of these changes will be posted at the front desks, and will be available at

Parking lot lighting installation
may cause minor disruption during weekdays, with a few parking spaces cordoned off at a time. Each fixture takes about a half day to install.  For questions about lighting installation, contact David Patterson at

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