Committees & Assemblies

Every effort has been made to include all committees, even if they do not have a website. If you know of other committees that should be listed here, please contact us. NCAR & UCAR staff may request a site within the internal committee management pages.

Assemblies & Associations

NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA)

NCAR Fellows Association

NCAR Scientists Assembly (NSA)

UCAR Software Engineering Assembly (SEA)


Research & Operations

Human Subjects Research Committee (HSC)

Business Management Working Group (BMW)

Safety & Security Committee

Education, Outreach, Library

Education Committee

Exhibits Committee

NCAR Library Advisory Committee


Information Technology

Information Technology Council (ITC) - new website coming Spring 2014

Advisory Committee for Central Infrastructure Services (ACCIS)

Computer Room Management Committee (CRMC)

Computer Security Advisory Committee (CSAC)

Network Coordination and Advisory Board (NCAB)

Web Advisory Group (WAG)

People & Planet

Morale & Wellness

Employee Activities Committee (EAC)

Wellness Advisory Committee (WAC)


NCAR & UCAR Diversity Committee

Asian Circle

Disabilities in the Workplace Committee

English as a Second Language (UCAR ESL)

Women Organizing Research & Leading Science (WORLS)



Management Committees


Board of Trustees (BoT)

President's Council (PC) - UCAS password required

UCAR Management Committee (UMC) - UCAS password required


Directors Committee

Executive Committee

NCAR Committees & Advisory Groups