Education & Professional Training from NCAR & UCAR

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Links to educational materials from NCAR's High Altitude Observatory, including a pictorial introduction to the Sun, a slide show on the solar astronomy of the Anasazi in the prehistoric Southwest, solar physics history and biographies, a tutorial on the physics of the aurora, and more

Sunrise over ocean-North Carolina

A quick look at the science and issues involved in major weather and climate topics researched at NCAR & UCAR, including climate change/global warming, hurricanes, the nitrogen cycle, a glossary of major patterns influencing weather and climate, a thunderstorm glossary, and background on wildfires and fire weather.

Illustration of the nitrogen cycle

Frequently asked questions and links to resources, from our current job openings to what it's like and how to prepare for a career as a scientist, engineer, or skilled technician in the atmospheric and environmental sciences

UCAR mentor and SOARS protégé

Supporting, enhancing, and stimulating learning about the atmospheric and related sciences through courses in Boulder, an outreach program, and distance learning via the interactive MetEd Web site and MetEd en español

International professionals training in the COMET classroom

Systems and services that enable universities, school districts, libraries, and publishers to organize, manage, comprehend, and enrich online resources to improve learning outcomes and learner engagement

Library with globe and bookshelves

A community-led effort to promote access to high-quality digital resources for teaching and learning about the Earth at all levels

Hands typing on a computer keyboard

A guide for prospective students considering a career in the atmospheric sciences, featuring interviews with scientists and students, career options, advice on courses and schools, and much more

Hands holding the Earth

Enlightening exhibits in an inspiring setting, open seven days a week; free admission, wheelchair accessible. Explore on your own, on a tour, or with an audiotour in English or Spanish

Visitors study one of the Mesa Lab exhibits

The GLOBE program works with K-12 students, teachers, and scientists worldwide to support collaborative research on Earth's environment at local, regional, and global scales

GLOPE student works on experiment

Free, interactive, online training on a wide range of topics in meteorology, climatology, hydrology, oceanography, environmental science, and more from MetEd, a service of UCAR's COMET Program

First screen for Influence of Model Physics on NWP Forecasts module


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