Can I get permission to use your photograph, illustration, animation, or video for my website, film, publication, or other use?

We have thousands of images across hundreds of NCAR and UCAR websites, so permission will depend on where the visual you're interested in has come from. Here are some of our primary sources for images:

  • Digital Image Library
    The free UCAR DIL has over 2,000 images for nonprofit educational, research, and private use, as well as licensed commercial use.
    See the DIL Permission & Use FAQ.

  • News Releases / Visuals & Multimedia in the News
    For images within our news releases and associated multimedia galleries, ownership and use terms are listed in the caption for each image. Wherever indicated, news media and nonprofit use is permitted with proper attribution and acceptance of UCAR's Terms of Use.

  • Other images appearing on UCAR websites ( or
    See Obtaining Photos, Video, and other Multimedia
  • All other UCAR or NCAR websites
    Please contact the webmaster or administrative office associated with the page on which you found the image.

  • Social media sites
    We invite all nonprofit uses consistent with UCAR's Terms of Use for the images and video shared on our AtmosNews channels, including: