Spring snowpack in a warmer world

Can we expect to see more snow—or less?

still from movie of spring snowpack visualization
video icon Snow and climate change. NCAR scientist Synte Peacock examines the current and future outlook for snow in a changing climate. Peacock is a climate scientist in the NCAR Earth System Laboratory. (©UCAR. This video is freely available for media use. For more information, see Media & nonprofit use.*)

November 17, 2011  • Could rising air and ocean temperatures help explain some of the extreme weather we've seen lately, including snowstorms like "Snowmaggedon" and "Snowtober?"

Can we expect to see more snow—or less—in a warmer world?

NCAR scientist Synte Peackock shares results from a study examining the future outlook for snowpack in March and April through 2100.  Peacock used the advanced computer software known as the Community Climate System Model.  The model captures the complex interactions between land, sea ice, ocean, and atmosphere.

About the Community Climate System Model