Foothills Lab Anthes building in Boulder built by UCAR.
Strong credit rating translates into lower costs for UCAR's funders.
Image of Antarctic sea ice in 2014
The recent trend of increasing Antarctic sea ice extent — seemingly at odds with climate model projections — can largely be explained by a natural climate fluctuation.
The snow accumulation forecast made by two ensemble members for a January storm
NCAR's ensemble forecasting system has become a favorite among professional weather forecasters and atmospheric researchers.
climate modeling 101: four maps show increases in climate model grid resolution
A new open-access book demystifies climate modeling without using a single equation.
Image of Comet ISON taken by the Hubble
A new study sheds light on the mystery of Comet ISON, suggesting that the comet broke up before reaching the Sun.
An image of the Antarctic ozone hole in October 2015
A team of researchers, including NCAR scientists, has identified the “first fingerprints of healing” of the Antarctic ozone layer.
Climate change is lengthening days: Photo of a sunset
Melting ice sheets and glaciers are slightly slowing Earth's rotation.
An image of an Amazon Web Services data center.
UCAR has partnered with Amazon to provide weather data in the cloud.

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